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RAD 1000 - Orgone Chi/Prana Life-Force Generator

Asking Price: 384.99 USD
Current Bid: 384.99 USD
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City: New York
Country: United States (10016)
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Auction ID: 31
Auction type: Dutch Auction
Asking Price: 384.99 USD
Auction started: Jan 09 , 2018 - 14:56
Auction ends: Feb 08 , 2018 - 14:56
Item Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer: HSCTI
Model: 1000
Item Description Brand New: A brand-new unused unopened undamaged item ,in it's original packaging
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Current Bid 384.99 USD
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Item description

The RAD 1000 - 3-Dial Radionics Device Built-in Entry level Line Orgone Generator® - more powerful than the JU 99 series (about twice), silver tubing output, stick pad, use the output as a well for the target and/or trend setup.
The three Radionics dials are used to connect with a specific desired trend and/or target of your Radionics operation. The radionics rate determines the frequency of the Orgone generator. The Orgone generator intensifies the action and provides the life force ("Psionic power") to succeed.
It is Power Radionics! Uses: The Radionics device is "the universal structural link". Rather than using a symbol (such as a card of any one of the filter "packs") to determine a trend energy that is designed to a desired effect, the 3-dial radionics device utilizes settings (rates) of the envisioned energies. For more insights about the use of structural links and life force, we recommend that you study the course "Magic of the Future" by Karl Hans Welz. The RAD 1000 is an ideal device to energize yourself, your loved ones, and to power your actions at a distance, such as sending energy and protection to a loved one in the service, 3000 miles away.
 The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. There is no time, past, present nor future there, only the NOW. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. It responds to thoughts and symbols. Life-Force, Prana, and Chi are the operating energy used for connections (Structural Links.) A simple Radionics Device needs three operating components: a power source (RAD 1000, Chi Generator), A Trend (your desire, intention, or symbol). And a Target (Photo where you would like the energy to go.) You can greatly expand the Flexibility and Potential of your device with the with the Super Manifestation Software Program (sold separately). 100% Customer Support Guaranteed!!
    Silver tubing output, stick pad, use the output as a well for the target and/or trend setup.
    Theta 3.5 HZ -- for Super Learning, especially of Languages. Theta 6.3 Hz -- for Super Learning and to Boost Memory. Alpha 7.83 Hz -- Earth Resonance! For Invention, Creativity. Alpha 7.0 Hz -- to enhance ESP (Extra Sensory Projection). Alpha 10.0 Hz -- for Centering Yourself and general purpose. Beta 14.1 Hz -- for Efficiency in daily activities, mental and physical energy. Continuous Settings, approx. 0.5 - 450 Hz.
    You can greatly expand the Flexibility and Potential of your device with the Manifestation Program or with the Super Manifestation Program!

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