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Nikastic Shop - Your Online Shop & Auction Store!


About Us

About Us

Nikastic Shop is established as a subsidiary of Nikastic, LLC. and is an online auction and consumer shopping store. Located in New York, New York and founded in the month of July 2017 by Joseph E. Nikolson, our store enables sellers and buyers to transact in an automated and efficient environment with different product categories.

Our unmatched scale, superior service and ability to deliver us the best results allow us to establish long-term and trusted relationships with different clients around the world. With more completed transactions and buyers in different places, we are the best and most trusted leader in the auction and shopping among valued customers.

Our store offers limitless opportunities of placing a bid and registering on our site. We give you the chances of placing a bid on items that you are most interested in. Right through our details page, we suggest of two areas whereas you could exactly place a bid and the next will include of the item details.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to bring convenience for your items to be automatically re-listed for your guaranteed satisfaction. Through the options we have, they will be available in order that you choose for the item to be re-listed.

We also aim to bring convenience when it comes to payment and shipping preferences that include delivery methods and shipping rates. In addition to that, you could further review all the changes and listings if needed.

In this regard, we suggest you spend time looking throughout the listings. This way, you will have better chances of obtaining the best deal. Wait until all your items have been delivered. Check how fast your orders will arrive at your door.

In the event that you have complaint and you have not been satisfied from us, contact our customer support to handle the issue for you! Call us now for more information!

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